JZA80 Supra Billet Rear Wiper Delete Cap (Kit)

JZA80 Supra Billet Rear Wiper Delete Cap (Kit)



Increase aerodynamics and streamline the look of your vehicle by removing the ugly rear wiper arm and blanking off the hole with this slimline delete kit by Venom Automotive.

This delete kit is designed to give a guaranteed waterproof seal by the use of a superior rubber o-ring compared to paper or Neoprene gasket. You will never have to worry about water ingress again.

Save in excess of 1.3 kilograms by removing the wiper motor and arm!


Will suit a variety of vehicles with a hole size between 26.5mm and 30mm. Including but not limited to;

-  Toyota JZA80 Supra

-  Toyota JZA70 Supra 

-  Nissan 180SX

-  Nissan 350Z

-  Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)


6061 Aluminium - Black Anodised


- 1x CNC'd Rear Wiper Cap - Black Anodised
- 1x M5 316 Grade Stainless Bolts
- 1x Guaranteed leak proof O-Ring (no nylon gaskets here!)

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